featured wedding: jess & chance

One of the best things about my job is getting to meet beautiful couples who you just know were made for each other- you know, those couples who are so obviously in love and who just seem to complement each other in every way possible.  Well, Jess and Chance are definitely one of those couples.  They are, individually and together, the most lovely and genuine people you will ever meet.  I loved these two so much that I even managed to put aside the fact that Chance used to play for an AFL team that is not my team of choice!  And to be honest, since meeting him and Jess I have a bit of a soft spot for the Hawks (shhh!).

Jess and Chance wanted something simple, elegant and fresh.  We kept it classic and romantic and I think it worked with the natural rustic look of the venue.  Crossback chairs by our friends at The Little Lending Collective were just ideal in the space, and Rebecca Grace of Natural Art Flowers worked her usual magic with the stunning florals.  The gorgeous cake was by Niknak’s Sweetest Treats.  Jess designed the beautifully simple and classy stationery and signage herself.

We just loved this wedding and the images by Teneil Kable capture this day so perfectly.  This really is one that we wish we could do all over again!  Thank you Jess and Chance for trusting us with your day and for being such a delight to work with.

CJ-24 CJ-43 CJ-63 CJ-103 CJ-116 CJ-164 CJ-168 CJ-204 CJ-229 CJ-232 CJ-233 CJ-235 CJ-240 CJ-242 CJ-244 CJ-249 CJ-258 CJ-266 CJ-281 CJ-299 CJ-361 CJ-385 CJ-579 CJ-688 CJ-697 CJ-698 CJ-703 CJ-785 CJ-786 CJ-839 CJ-889CJ-891CJ-989


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