wedding planning over winter

017I can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything since May!  The days are just flying by and what feels like a couple of weeks often turns out to be several months…

There are reasons why I haven’t been very active on the blog… In a nutshell – a new puppy who is slightly crazy,  a trip to Tassie with the hubby to celebrate his 40th birthday (yikes!), writing for other blogs/websites and keeping up with work of course.  But I read a quote, just today in fact, which said “An apology should never be ruined by an excuse”.  So I’m going to stop making excuses and just try to be more consistent!

Today I thought I’d give all those of you who are currently planning your big day a bit of a kick up the backside (in the nicest possible way of course).

DSC_0334It may be the off season right now, but this is a great time to be organising some of those little (or big) details for your big day.  We are certainly working hard to make sure our clients’ weddings are all organised before our busy season hits.  It’s the best time to meet with people like stylists, florists and celebrants – anyone in the industry really – as it’s their quiet time.  It’s also a great time to get onto stationery design.  Stationery designers need time to work on your design, so getting a head start now when it’s not so busy is a great idea.  You can even do a bit of dress shopping – who wants to be dress shopping in the heat?  No thank you!  It’s so much more pleasant in this weather.  And if you want to stay inside and avoid the cold and rain why not get a start on all those DIY projects you have planned or start on your seating plan (trust me, it can take a lonnnnng time and even if you don’t know for sure who’s coming or not, you can at least start to think about groups of people to seat together, or who not to seat together!).

It’s amazing how many people don’t really give their wedding all that much thought over the winter – maybe because it seems so far away – but it’s honestly the best time to get stuff done so that when spring rolls around you can enjoy the beautiful weather without stressing about your wedding.

So if you’re in the midst of planning, don’t hibernate for the rest of the winter – there is less than a month left until spring arrives and everyone is right back into it, and you and I both know how fast the rest of the month is going to go!029

All images by CJ Williams Photography

Image 1 florals by Fox & Rabbit / Image 2 florals by Katie Cooper / Image 3 florals by Flowertalk


first comes love 2016

Well it’s that time of the year again!  The First Comes Love Bridal Fair is on this Sunday at MosArts in Mosman Park. We will be upstairs in the Gallery as well as styling TP & Co‘s luxury tipi (you have to check it out, it’s amazing and enormous!) out in the garden and would love to see you there.

Plus, if you or someone you know are after some one-on-one time, we are offering complimentary and obligation-free 30 minute styling consultations.  Anyone who books a session will not only get to pick our brains on all things wedding whilst enjoying some delectable desserts from Verlena Cakes but will also be entitled to 10% off any styling services booked with us within 2 weeks of the fair.  Email us at to book a session – there are only a few left!

Yes, we know the weather is not playing nice, but we promise it will be warm, cosy and oh-so-pretty inside the old MosArts – you won’t want to miss it!


Image by Peggy Saas

The Editor’s Course

Late last year I was starting to think really seriously about where Flights of Fancy was headed.  I’d been working so hard, juggling my business, my part time job and the rest of my life, that I was no longer getting the enjoyment out of it that I did in the beginning.  It had become a situation of trying to keep my head above water and not having any time to devote to the things I really loved about owning a business such as blogging, spending time getting to really know my clients on a deeper level and developing and planning.  I wasn’t getting much time to enjoy my life apart from my business either which was leading to me feeling burnt out and a bit disillusioned, wondering if it was all worth it.

Then, as if someone had heard those thoughts swirling around in my head every night as I lay in bed, something popped up in my Instagram feed one day about The Editor’s Course.  I see business courses advertised all the time, but there was something about this particular course that really spoke to me, and the timing could not have been more perfect.  As I investigated further I found that all the speakers involved in this course were women in creative businesses who were the sorts of women I admire and aspire to be like – intelligent, passionate, successful, down-to-earth and completely prepared to share their knowledge and experience to try and help others achieve their goals.

So I signed up for two reasons – firstly because I thought that this would be the push I needed to work out where exactly Flights of Fancy was going and to take it to the next level; and secondly because I thought that signing up to an intensive 12 week course would force me to do something I’d been wanting to do for some time, which was to cut back my hours at my part time job.

Now, six weeks into the course, I have cut back my hours (although only by half a day a week – baby steps!) and I can honestly say that this course has changed the way I see my business but also the way I see my life.  I’ve started to think more deeply about why I started this business in the first place and with that has come a realisation that in order to successfully grow it and love it and to serve my clients as best as I can, I need to focus on my “why”.  In a world where it’s impossible to avoid comparing yourself to others, I’ve realised that focusing on why I am doing this is the thing that is going to keep me on track and maintain the balance between my work and the rest of my life.

I hope to start blogging more this year and not only sharing my work but also sharing more about my “why”, my mission, my core values and my desired legacy – all things that we’ve been exploring in this course.  I hope that it might inspire others to think about their own reasons for doing what they do, not just in relation to business but also life in general.  I will certainly be encouraging my clients to think about how all these things impact upon their vision for their wedding day as I feel that sometimes this gets forgotten when it should really be a major focus for both us and them.

I’d love to challenge anyone reading this to think about their own “why” – what is it that drives what you do?  What comes before everything else?  What is the legacy that you want to leave behind when you’re gone?


Image by Jonathan Wherrett

how to create your own champagne tower

Over the past year we have been collaborating with Nouba, our fave Australian wedding blog, to bring you various DIY projects for your wedding or event.

Today our champagne tower DIY is featured – the perfect little party trick for this time of year!  Here are a few images from CJ Williams Photography and you can head over to Nouba for the step by step instructions.

Thanks to Pretty Willow for the props and Ivy Flowers for the florals.

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calling all january and february brides!

If your wedding is fast approaching and you are starting to stress out about the logistics of the set up (not to mention the pack up) we have some good news for you!  For the months of January and February only we are offering a special on the day styling package for brides who have organised everything but just need a little help to pull it all off.

For a fixed fee of $750 (for a cocktail reception) or $850 (for a sit down reception) you will receive the following services:

  • Styling consultation at your venue to discuss your requirements
  • Recommendations for any items still required
  • Confirmation with your vendors of delivery/collection arrangements
  • Compilation of detailed set up schedule including vendor delivery and collection information
  • Transportation of any items you are supplying yourself to the venue on the day of your wedding
  • Attendance of 2 stylists on the day of your wedding to receive any deliveries, direct your vendors and set up and style your venue
  • Attendance at the end of the night or the following day to pack down and collect any items belonging to you
  • Follow up with vendors regarding any bond refunds or losses/damages


  • If your ceremony and reception venues are separate or outside of the Perth metro area additional charges will apply
  • If more than 2 stylists are required additional charges will apply
  • Package must be booked by the end of November to receive this special rate

Our on the day styling and set up packages normally start at $1,500 so this is a real saving – and when it comes to weddings we know that every cent counts!  We only have a limited number of these packages available so if would like more details please contact us as soon as possible at

tahmike_008 (1)

Image by Keeper Creative


how to be a relaxed bride or groom

After working in weddings for several years I’ve seen all sorts of brides and grooms.  I’ve had those who are super laid back and calm right up until the day of the wedding when they suddenly panic about everything, those who stress their way through the whole planning process and then finally let go on their wedding day realising there is nothing more they can do, and then those who are just so relaxed the whole way through that you are sure they are going to suddenly lose it on the day but they don’t!

From my experience with couples, these are my top tips for how to be a relaxed bride (or groom)…

FS372Tip #1 – Remember that you’re in a relationship

Planning a wedding really does take over your life and can place your relationship under a lot of pressure – not only are you dealing with the changing nature of your relationship but you are also having to make decisions together which have financial as well as other implications.  You might never have been placed in this sort of situation before and it can be difficult.  Make sure you talk things through and be fair to one another – listen to each other’s views and ideas, understand what is important to each other and be prepared to compromise on things.  This will place you in great stead for years of joint decision-making!  Also make sure that you take time out from wedding planning to just enjoy each other’s company like you did before you got engaged!

Tip #2 – Share the load

Russell-Veronica-Faversham-House-York-Wedding-iZO-Photography-1463As much as we like to believe that brides and grooms share the wedding load, we know that it’s usually the bride taking on most of the organisational work.  Planning a wedding can become like having a second job – it’s a lot of work and stress for one person to handle.  Grooms, make sure you let your bride know that you are willing to help wherever possible.  Even if you don’t get much of a look-in, take an interest when she does start talking about the wedding.  You might think she wants you to say “Whatever you want”, but receiving your honest opinion will make things a lot easier on her.  And brides, try and let your groom be involved.  He may not have given as much thought to this day as you have, but it is his day too and this means he should be involved in making decisions as well as taking on some of the work.  Even if you don’t think so, you will need him at some point in the process, and it’s so much more fun and rewarding to work together to create a day that you both enjoy.  Also remember to be open to offers of help from family and friends.  Of course there are things you want handled by a professional, but allowing your loved ones to be involved where possible will not only make them feel special and make your day more meaningful but it will also take pressure off you.

Tip #3 – Be organised

076Do as much as you possibly can as early as you can.  If you can get the big ticket items like venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, stylist, florist and furniture/décor hire locked in you can relax and then worry about the little details later.  Many vendors get booked a year or more in advance, so getting in early is the best way to avoid disappointment and get your planning on track.  Another bonus is that once you have your vendors locked in they will contact you at the appropriate times to finalise details so you don’t have to try and keep track of every little thing that needs to be done.

It’s a good idea to be organised from an administrative perspective as well.  Keep a file or electronic folder containing all vendor information including contracts and invoices and to set payment reminders in your calendar.  If you are able it’s also worth paying off some of those invoices early so you aren’t left with too many payments needing to be made in the couple of weeks before the wedding when you will have other things to think about.

Tip #4 – Choose the right vendors and then trust them

Choosing the wrong vendors can actually result in more stress for you.  You want vendors who you can trust and won’t need to micromanage – SPW466this means vendors who are professional, experienced, enthusiastic and share the same style as you.  It is definitely important to look at a vendor’s previous work, experience and client testimonials, but in the end you also need to like them so make sure that you meet with them and see whether you click before signing anything.  Finally, once you lock them in, trust them to do what you are paying them to do.  The right vendor will add so much value to the planning of your day, well beyond the fee they are charging.

Samm Blake 32Tip #5 – Recognise the real significance of the day

Look at your wedding day for what it is – a celebration of your love and commitment to one another, shared with your loved ones.  Remember why you are getting married in the first place – no, it’s not for the pretty flowers, expensive dress or delicious food – so if any of those details are stressing you out don’t let them.  Appreciate that this is going to be an amazing day but it’s not because of the details – it’s because you are making a lifelong commitment to your partner and you will probably never again get to have all of your family and friends together in the one place at the one time.  Enjoy it for what it is and don’t sweat the stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Photo credits from top to bottom: Teneil Kable; iZo Photography; CJ Williams Photography; Teneil Kable; Samm Blake.

on trend: geometrics

As much as I love vintage styled weddings I have been excited to see some new trends emerging over the past year.  One of these is geometrics – a great way to add a clean, modern look to your wedding and perfect for industrial venues such as a warehouse or modern venues such as a gallery or winery.

We’ve added lots of geometric décor items to our hire collection recently including concrete votives, white ceramic hurricanes, copper and glass lanterns, ceramic shapes, black glass votives, photo frames and rugs.  So if it’s a geometric wedding you are after, you have come to the right place!

Here are some examples of how you can incorporate geometric elements into your styling.


Image credits left to right: Keeper Creative; Orange Owl Photography; Sweet Root Village; Angel He; Amber Vickery; Kate Ignatowski for Bella Figura; Design Atelier Article via Etsy; Jenavieve Belair; Sunny 16; Melissa Biador; Jason Hales.