another year older

Yesterday I turned 33 yers old.  Just saying that freaks me out a bit.  In my head I’m still an age that is much younger than 33!

It’s true that the older you get the faster time seems to go by.  You start looking back and realising how many years ago certain things happened and get this sense of your life just passing you by.  I often find myself thinking things like, “It can’t have been 8 years since we went to the USA”, or  “It can’t have been 5 years since my nephew was born”, or “It can’t have been 27 years since Bon Jovi released Living On A Prayer” (really showing my age with that one)!!  And lately I’ve been having even more morbid thoughts like “I have probably lived more than a third of my life already – I may only have another 50 years left, and that’s if I’m lucky”.

My grandfather recently celebrated his 90th birthday and when he gave his speech he said that he still felt he had so much more to do.  I guess no matter how long your life is you will always feel there is more to do.  You can never experience everything you want to, see every place you want to, achieve everything you want to.  That thought, combined with the knowledge that with each passing year I have one less year to achieve everything I want to scares me!  Maybe I’m having an early midlife crisis!

Anyway, I guess that all I can do is make the most of every day I am lucky enough to have and not waste time on things that don’t fulfil me or make me happy.  So this is the philosophy I am going to try to live by this year.  I also hope to try and simplify my life and put less value on owning things (very difficult for a shopaholic like me) and more value on having experiences, like this beautiful sunset which I watched with my husband this past weekend when we were in York for a wedding.



  1. Happy birthday for yesterday! In 2014 I definitely want to spend less because my shopping habits are getting out of control (or they feel like since I’ve put off so many purchases all year!)

    • Thanks! Since travelling earlier this year I have really felt a need to simplify my life and get rid of things I don’t really need. I am sure I will still shop but I want to try and spend more wisely 🙂

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