featured wedding: sam and paul

I think Sam was the most organised bride I’ve ever dealt with.  She would come to each meeting we had with her folder, neatly divided into categories, filled with inspiration as well as the more mundane parts of organising a wedding such as contracts and invoices.  She was an absolute delight to work with and her organisation definitely paid off.  This wedding was one gorgeous event that went off without a hitch.  Even the weather played nice and the showers that were forecast for the day stayed away.

The reception was held in the backyard of the groom’s uncle and it truly was the perfect venue for a wedding with carefully manicured gardens, plenty of room and a grand staircase which made for stunning photographs.

The best thing about this day was that it was filled with emotion and happiness that can clearly be seen in the eyes of the bride, groom and their loved ones in these images by Teneil Kable.  Congratulations Sam and Paul – I know that this is the beginning of a wonderful marriage as you are so perfect together!

SPW003 SPW006 SPW012 SPW015 SPW022 SPW027 SPW034 SPW038 SPW043 SPW079 SPW082 SPW092 SPW097 SPW099 SPW102 SPW109 SPW125 SPW132 SPW139 SPW144 SPW177 SPW197 SPW198 SPW206 SPW210 SPW211 SPW236 SPW245 SPW247 SPW261 SPW264 SPW268 SPW271 SPW272

SPW393 SPW394 SPW398 SPW399 SPW401 SPW402 SPW407 SPW413 SPW416 SPW421 SPW432 SPW441 SPW452 SPW456 SPW466 SPW470 SPW481 SPW488 SPW516 SPW517 SPW530 SPW533 SPW562 SPW564 SPW575 SPW576 SPW577 SPW580 SPW581 SPW583 SPW589 SPW591 SPW592 SPW593 SPW597 SPW601 SPW602 SPW609 SPW616 SPW622 SPW627 SPW628 SPW631 SPW632 SPW634 SPW636 SPW638 SPW639 SPW640 SPW642 SPW643 SPW648 SPW649 SPW651 SPW654 SPW662 SPW667 SPW676 SPW762 SPW766 SPW769 SPW770 SPW775 SPW778 SPW779 SPW780 SPW781 SPW784 SPW786 SPW793 SPW802 SPW805 SPW807 SPW809 SPW810 SPW813 SPW814 SPW820 SPW822

Images by Teneil Kable / Styling by Flights of Fancy by Kristy / Lighting by Micktric Events / Prop hire by Pretty Willow and Hire Society


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