one down, many more to go!

We styled our first wedding of the season on Saturday and were thanking our lucky stars that we had such a perfect day.  Not only was the weather beautiful but we had such a relaxed and enjoyable set up.  I even had time to snap some photos which I don’t normally get to do!

Honestly, the thing that made all the difference with this wedding was that our clients were super relaxed – possibly the most laid back clients we’ve ever had!  They completely put their trust in us, from going with the vendors we recommended, to giving us creative control once we had discussed in general what they were after in terms of styling.  This allowed us to put together something quite unique and use the people we knew were going to be best for the job.  Everything ran so smoothly and it was just one of those days that makes me realise how much I love doing this.

Brides (and grooms, but mostly brides!), this is why it’s important to (a) select vendors you trust to deliver what you are after, and (b) to try and let go just a little bit (as hard as I know it can be – you are talking to a fellow control freak here!).  You are paying your vendors to use their creativity and expertise, so trust them to do it.  Weddings where the couple can’t let go and try to micromanage all their vendors never turn out quite as well as those where the couple relax a bit and put some faith in their the people they have chosen.

This wedding was also really touching, celebrating a couple who are very clearly in love and meant for each other.  I was privileged to see some of the ceremony and speeches which I don’t always get to do, and I admit I shed a little tear!

Now it’s back to planning for our next October wedding and a few November events, with a little 2 week escape thrown in.  If Franky and Stephen’s big day was a sign of things to come this wedding season then we are pretty darn excited!

We can’t wait to see the professional images of the day but in the meantime here is a snap of the set up for the cocktail style reception featuring the dessert buffet of my dreams with desserts by My Wey of Life, amazing lighting by Micktric Events, show-stealing florals by Katie Cooper and prop hire by Her Handpicked Harvest and Flights of Fancy by Kristy.


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