featured wedding: violet & jason

Violet and Jason are such a sweet couple.  I knew from the start that their wedding was going to be what a wedding should be – all about them.  AND the dress.  I’d heard lots about this dress, and had even seen a rough photo taken on someone’s phone, but I didn’t get the full impact of it until I saw Violet get out of the car on the day of the wedding.  Designed by Jaime Lee Major, it was AMAZING.

Violet had a very clear vision of what she wanted and we worked with her to bring that vision to life.  She was the perfect client and made my job easy, preparing her own floor plan and own inspiration board!  I loved working with these two and am so glad they chose Still Love to capture their special day as I think you will agree they have done such a wonderful job.

Violet-Jason-14 Violet-Jason-15 Violet-Jason-16 Violet-Jason-21 Violet-Jason-29 Violet-Jason-31 Violet-Jason-32 Violet-Jason-39 Violet-Jason-41 Violet-Jason-42 Violet-Jason-43 Violet-Jason-44 Violet-Jason-45 Violet-Jason-46 Violet-Jason-47 Violet-Jason-48 Violet-Jason-49 Violet-Jason-50 Violet-Jason-51 Violet-Jason-57 Violet-Jason-59 Violet-Jason-60 Violet-Jason-68 Violet-Jason-71 Violet-Jason-81 Violet-Jason-82 Violet-Jason-83 Violet-Jason-84 Violet-Jason-95 Violet-Jason-98 Violet-Jason-99 Violet-Jason-103 Violet-Jason-107 Violet-Jason-123 Violet-Jason-124Violet-Jason-134Violet-Jason-138Violet-Jason-145Violet-Jason-146Violet-Jason-154Violet-Jason-159Violet-Jason-169Violet-Jason-172Violet-Jason-173Violet-Jason-174Violet-Jason-176Violet-Jason-177Violet-Jason-178Violet-Jason-184Violet-Jason-186Violet-Jason-189Violet-Jason-193Violet-Jason-194Violet-Jason-195Violet-Jason-196Violet-Jason-197Violet-Jason-200Violet-Jason-206Violet-Jason-212Violet-Jason-218Violet-Jason-222Violet-Jason-223Violet-Jason-229Violet-Jason-232Violet-Jason-231

Images by Still Love Photography

Styling by Flights of Fancy by Kristy / Blooms by Flowertalk / Prop hire by Pretty WillowHire Society & Charming Chairs/ Dress by Jaime Lee Major 






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