cutlery obsessed

You know you’re getting old when you start lusting after homewares and trawling websites like Temple & Webster, mentally refurbishing your house and adding things to your wish list (which was once made up entirely of clothing and accessories and is now more like 50% clothing and accessories, 15% books and 35% homewares).  I wish that this fascination I’ve developed had kicked in before our wedding – I probably would have had a proper traditional gift registry if it had! product_thumb

My latest obsession seems to be cutlery.  I have been wanting to get a set of French made Languiole cutlery for a while now.  I love the simplicity and practicality of the design, not to mention the beautiful box it comes in!  And, yes, anything that’s French gets bonus points in my books as you would know!  I would keep with the classic look and go with either the black or bone coloured handles.

But, as with everything in my life, I am torn between classic and modern.  The Porto Oslo cutlery set is so sleek and elegant and comes in black, copper and chocolate.  I have been slowly starting to redecorate our house in blacks, greys and copper/gold tones for the change in season so this cutlery would be perfect.

aa74aadbb93c4cb465f8c9e789c9fa9fUnfortunately I am not a cook nor an entertainer so it is difficult to justify one, let alone two, good sets of cutlery.  Plus we are currently trying to save for a couple of pretty big things including an overseas trip and a new house, and good cutlery probably rates quite low on our list of essential items…

Maybe it will be an item for my birthday wish list later in the year, but for now I will have to continue to eat sitting on the couch with my cheapo mismatched cutlery bought from Ikea or Target or somewhere just as pedestrian and dream of my first proper grown-up cutlery set!




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