more to come, I promise!

I’ve been very slack with my blogging lately, due to a lot going on in my life, both personally and work-wise.  Normally writing comes so effortlessly for me, but recently it’s been a real struggle.  I think every creative person has times in their life when the creativity just isn’t really flowing as it usually does and I suppose you just have to be patient with yourself, give yourself some time to recharge and refresh and then start again.

We exhibited at Wedding Upmarket over the weekend which was so much fun and did help to spark my creativity.  It’s so inspiring to work with such talented, like-minded and beautiful people.  I’ll be posting about that soon – I promise!  Now I am working on a couple of styled shoots that I have coming up and then I will have some time to focus a bit more on the business side of things like my website and blogging, so you will soon get to see and read about some of our most recent work.  Of course, in between all that I continue working on my clients’ weddings which is the most important thing!

We’ve also just booked a few nights down south for the end of June for my husband’s birthday and I really can’t wait.  We haven’t been down south together since before we went to Europe which for us is a very long time without a mini-break!  I’m definitely one of those people who is happiest when I have a trip to look forward to, no matter how short.  So I’m sure the anticipation of this will also have a positive effect on me.

Thanks for continuing to follow my blog and rest assured your patience will be rewarded with lots of interesting posts over the next few months 🙂  In the meantime here is a little preview of the set up we did at Wedding Upmarket with stationery by Fluid Ink and gorgeous florals by Ivy Flowers.



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