valentine’s day

It’s 10 days to Valentine’s Day!  As a hopeless romantic I can’t deny that I love Valentine’s Day.  I try so much to hate it but I just can’t.  I know a lot of people see it as a purely commercial thing, propelled by card companies, florists and chocolatiers.  But what’s wrong with celebrating love???  You don’t have to buy expensive gifts or make grand gestures, but it’s nice to have a day that prompts you to take some time out of the busy and sometimes mundane daily routine to celebrate your relationship.  My husband and I don’t buy each other gifts but we do exchange cards and make a point of going out for dinner together, whether that’s a picnic, trying out a new restaurant we’ve heard about, or going back to an old favourite.

For those of you who do celebrate by buying a gift for your loved one, here are a few of my top picks – items that are sweet, thoughtful and affordable.

Valentine's Day

Left to Right: “Big Heart” mug from Kikki K; “Caravan” frame from Country Road; “Anouk” oil burner blend from Aesop; “Divided Triangle” pendant from Pigeonhole; “Hexagon Gem” ring from Mr Sparrow Shop; “Magnus” men’s watch from Pigeonhole; Bonnie and Neil Flower Mat from Remedy; Monocle Speaker from Native Union via Hard to Find; “Arco” candles from Country Road; “Paris” men’s trunk by Stonemen via Hard to Find; “Serene” wrist bracelet from Mimco; Wooden iPhone clock from Remedy.


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