me (or you) time

I do feel a bit guilty every time I complain about how busy and stressed out I am.  After all, I did just spend 2 months in Europe!  I know it’s all my own doing, being this busy, and I actually do thrive on it, but lately I have been feeling in desperate need of some “me” time.  I think it’s just this time of the year – not only is it peak wedding season but once the end of the year is in sight for some reason I let things that I’ve coped with during the year suddenly get to me.  Add to this a serious case of post-holiday depression this year and my stress levels have been higher than usual.

Last week I really was at breaking point and tearfully told my husband I needed to book a spa appointment.  Some people see a therapist – I go the day spa.  I find that it’s the only time I can really switch off and truly relax, and often that is all that I need.  So on Christmas Eve I spent a couple of hours at one of my favourite day spas, being pampered with a full body exfoliation followed by a soak in one of their amazing stone baths.  It was truly blissful and I left feeling so relaxed and refreshed – ready to face a new year ahead.

I am lucky to get to the day spa reasonably often.  If it’s not something that you do regularly I highly recommend it, especially in times of high stress such as the end of the year, or when you are planning your wedding!  Having scheduled day spa appointments over the months leading up to your big day gives you something to look forward to when things are getting on top of you.  Solo appointments are great for relaxing and emptying your mind, and group appointments with your mum or bridesmaids can be lots of fun and give you time to reconnect whilst doing something other than talking about the wedding!  It doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive either – a 30 minute massage or mini facial followed by some relaxation time in the day spa lounge can do wonders.

If any of our brides need us to put together a program of pampering in the lead up to their wedding or to recommend our favourite day spas we are very happy to do so!


Image by Wicker Paradise via Flickr

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