floral wreath workshop with fox & rabbit

On Saturday morning I attended a floral wreath workshop at Studio Bomba, run by our friend the lovely Rebecca of Fox & Rabbit.

I have worked with Rebecca on many weddings (including my own!) and have always admired her creativity.  She has such a fresh and unique style.  So the opportunity to learn just a little bit from her was very exciting.  It was also great to discover a bit more about Rebecca’s journey – how she got into floristry, how she started her own business and where she is currently at.  I think it’s amazing for someone so young to have built up such a successful business – she was only 19 when she started would you believe!

There was a good mix of attendees at the workshop, from stylists to doctors and lawyers, and we were all very well looked after by the lovely lasses from Studio Bomba with delectable baked goods and a vast array of yummy drinks to choose from.

Rebecca guided us through the process of creating a wreath using native foliage and blooms.  Although very fun it was not easy and I think my hands got dirtier than they had been for a long while!  It was so interesting seeing how everyone was using the same materials but each wreath had its own individual look.  I wondered whether you could tell something about a person from their wreath – mine was a bit uneven and unstructured which is probably a bit like my personality!  It’s now hanging in our home and I must say I feel just a little bit proud every time I look at it.  It’s rewarding to do something you haven’t previously and to have something to show for it.  This certainly won’t be the last time I attend one of Studio Bomba’s workshops!

And here is a peek at the finished product.  For a beginner bunch I think we all did rather well!



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