reporting for (bridesmaid) duty!

Today I am back on a plane (again!!) to travel to Melbourne for my best friend’s wedding where I will be a bridesmaid.  It is going to be a nice change being part of a wedding rather than doing all the behind the scenes work!  I think I’m going to find it hard to relax and let go to be honest.

Although I gave my friend a bit of a helping hand with the styling of the wedding in the beginning, we knew that as much as I would really have loved to I wouldn’t be able to do the running around on the day of the wedding (I have more important duties, i.e. getting pretty, keeping my friend calm and drinking champagne).  So my friend hired a stylist to do the setting up on the day which means we get to relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything is taken care of and will be set up perfectly.  Ah yes, the benefits of having a stylist!!

I am really excited to be part of a wedding, especially the wedding of someone with whom I’ve grown up and shared so many experiences.  And it’s going to be a truly amazing wedding with really gorgeous and unique styling and in a fabulously original location.  I look forward to being able to share more details and some images soon.

I’ll be giving a short speech at the wedding so will save my best material, but just want to say a big congratulations to my BFF and let her know how much I love her!  I wish her the happiest of wedding days and a long, wonderful and loving marriage.  And I hope that I can be even half as good a bridesmaid for her as she was for me!!


Image by Samm Blake

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