a mother’s day morning tea

With the crazy life I have been leading lately I have probably been neglecting a lot of people in my life, including my dear Mum!  I haven’t meant to, but there just doesn’t seem to be the time lately to spend a day wandering the shops and having coffee together like there used to be.  I know that things will get better eventually and I know that my Mum understands this (don’t you Mum??) but I miss my time with her.  What probably makes it worse is that I’m not one for talking on the phone.  I hate it, no matter who I’m talking to.  I need to see a face.  I think it’s my love of silence.  I like those pauses in conversations when you are just with someone and don’t need to say anything.  So I don’t even call my Mum as often as I should, even though I think about her every day.

Another person I’ve neglected is my Gran.  Having grown up with my grandparents living with us we are really close and I have a special bond with my Gran.  I see so much of her in myself and I know that I owe my love of literature and correcting people’s grammar to her!  I think of her every day too but again I don’t call as much as I should.

So this year Mothers Day felt extra special for me – a chance to be with my Mum and my Gran and the rest of the family for a few hours.  One thing about being insanely busy is that you learn to appreciate the simple things – a coffee break with a friend, a movie with your husband, a dinner with the family, a weekend away.  It all becomes so much more precious.

It’s difficult these days for my Gran to go out so we had a simple morning tea at my Mum’s house but I couldn’t help myself, I had to make it look just a little bit pretty.  I would have loved to go all out and style it properly but wanted to spend some quality time with my family rather than running around so I kept it simple.  It’s nice to be able to use some of the pieces I’ve collected along the way and to see people who I love appreciate them.

If you are after a styled morning or afternoon tea at home for a special occasion we would love to help!







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