something {organised} blue

One thing that I find makes a huge difference to a couple’s experience of planning their wedding is how organised they are.

Having worked with couples who are extremely organised and couples who are extremely disorganised, I know that it is the organised ones who are able to relax and enjoy the process and the lead up to their big day.  A lack of organisation can lead to forgetting things, leaving things until the last minute, and missing out on vendors you really want – all of which are likely to result in stress, worry and arguments.

If you want to avoid all of this and be an organised bride, why not make it fun and set yourself up with some special stationery.  I am addicted to stationery and I find that having lovely notebooks, folders and pens is a great incentive to keep on top of things.  How about this super cute pack from kikki-k featuring a notebook, “Today I will” notepad, pencil case, pencils and eraser.

And if pretty stationery is not enough to organise you and you think you might need some professional help, give me a call!


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