a weekend away

I’m off to Melbourne today for a part work/part play long weekend.  This time my husband is coming with me and it will be the first time we’ve been in Melbourne together since we got engaged there in October 2010!  That is a very long time considering how often we normally visit and I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.

I love travelling, even when it’s only a short trip like this one.  It really doesn’t matter where I go, I can always find the positives about a new place.  It annoys me when people travel somewhere and compare it to their home or to somewhere else.  I think every place in the world has amazing things to offer and unique experiences to be had if you are open to them.

Melbourne is a city I love and have spent a lot of time in, but every time I go I seem to manage to find something new that I haven’t experienced before, whether it’s a cosy cafe, a yummy cupcake flavour, a pretty street or a cool shop.  And it’s always fun sharing these finds with my husband.  I am looking forward to the new discoveries we will make this weekend – maybe I will share some of them with you next week!



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