featured wedding: natasha & alex

You may remember that in November last year my husband and I travelled to Tasmania and renewed our vows in Hobart.  You can read about that here.  And you can read my general rave about how wonderful Tasmania is here.

One of our highlights was MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art – in Hobart.  It was an amazing place – not only the art but the actual building itself.

After reading my post, Natasha left a comment saying that she and her fiance, Alex, were getting married at MONA.  Well that really excited me as I could just imagine the dramatic images that would be captured of their day in such unique  surroundings!

Natasha works in Perth as an interior designer so has a keen eye for detail, and Alex is an engineer who was born and raised in Hobart.

Today I am so delighted to share some images from Natasha and Alex’s wedding, thanks to the wonderful Jon Jarvela.  With all the vintage style around at the moment it’s lovely to see a wedding in an ultra modern venue.  Anyone who is thinking of a wedding at MONA and needs a stylist, I am more than willing to travel and would LOVE to hear from you!

And here is a little bit about the day from the beautiful bride herself!

How we met:  Alex had lived all over the place (NSW, Queensland, UK) since leaving Hobart after university then secured a job here in WA.  We met on his first weekend here in Perth at a friends’ house party.  3 months later we got back in touch and 6 years after that, we were married!

A bit about us & our wedding:  We love to travel the world and have explored many countries together – Alex even proposed in the Maldives.  We didn’t want a huge wedding and wanted it to feel intimate and special for everyone.  After seeing so many amazing places overseas the choices for a wedding venue seemed endless but in the end we felt that Tasmania was right for us given its place in Alex’s heart (& mine having visited his family many times over the years), its beauty, its amazing food and also the fact that it wasn’t too out of reach for our guests who didn’t live there.   So Tasmania it was, next it was a matter of choosing a venue.  Tassie is full of stunning beauty so this was really hard to narrow down until we eventually settled on the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).  Alex’s sister Anna, had worked for David Walsh (owner & brains behind MONA) as his sidekick / project manager during the construction of MONA and once it was completed, she took us on a private tour of this amazing place.  We left wide-eyed and inspired, having seen many museums and galleries throughout the world, this was such an amazing asset to have in Australia and what an experience it would be for our guests!  We then also went back during planning to work out the location for the ceremony and our only concern with this venue was how public it was and we really didn’t want to feel like a spectacle.  But MONA were amazing at accommodating this and moved the entire food markets (held in summer) to a different location so it didn’t interfere with our photo’s, put film over glazing in the cafe so our ceremony was private, and gave us whatever access we required to make our day even more special and to stop those prying eyes of the public!  They really went over and above all our expectations – we couldn’t have asked for more from them.

 Our big day:  I had stayed in one of the amazing pavilions on site at Mona on the night before our wedding (as did many of our guests) while Alex stayed at his parents place back in town to keep an air of tradition!  It was great being on site already, everyone staying in the Pavilions met me in the restaurant for a delicious breakfast watching the sunrise and the excitement of the day started from there.  

Through some miracle we had actually managed to secure the actual artist of the song we had chosen for me to walk down the aisle to.  It’s called ‘It’s like Love’ by Dewayne Everettsmith and has been used in the Tourism Australia commercial to promote Australia overseas.  The song was perfect, it had acoustic guitar, strings and the right tone and wording for our special moment.  We discovered Dewayne Everettsmith lived in Hobart and through some complete fluke (and a little determination), his fantastic manager worked her magic so we could have Dewayne play for us on our big day!  It was spine tingling hearing that music walking down the aisle, we were so very lucky.

After the ceremony we celebrated with champagne and had some quick family photo’s before our guests were either escorted to the gallery to spend some time there or to the on-site wine bar.  This was a big selling point with choosing MONA, our guests could easily be entertained between the ceremony and reception while we were having photo’s and did not have to travel between venues, it’s all right there – gallery, winery, brewery, stunning grounds to explore! 

When Alex & I headed into the gallery for photos we barely even noticed our photographer Jon.  We were just in our own world talking about our day to each other and wandering through the different areas taking it all in and little did we know the beautiful images he was capturing!  He was not there telling us what position to get into, he just left us to it and in fact was always quite far away, we felt we were alone and like we had escaped the craziness of the day to just be us.  This was my favourite part of the day actually.

Thanks for sharing, Natasha and Alex!

NA005 NA051 NA120 NA144 NA180 NA181 NA296 NA331 NA349 NA377 NA403 NA407 NA427 NA445 NA447 NA453 NA464 NA475 NA479 NA517 NA546 NA551 NA593

Photographer: Jon Jarvela/Musicians: Dewayne Everettsmith (Martine Delaney – Manager), String Musicians Australia, Basil the Rat/Flowers: Fig Flowers (Louise)/Hair: Audrey Hair (Kara)/Make-up: Sharkra (Karla)/Balloons: Balloon Magic/Cake: Cakes of Heavenly Indulgence (Robyn)/Suits:Penguins (Perth)/Seaplane: Tasmanian Air Adventures /Umbrella Hire: Salters Hire

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