the perfectly imperfect day

I know I’ve been neglecting my blog terribly of late.  I am really missing it too – I have always loved writing and have had a secret desire to become a novelist, ever since I was a finalist in a writing competition in primary school!  So, although it’s far from a literary masterpiece, this blog is a chance for me to do something (else) that I love to do.

Anyway the reason for my absence has been work which I suppose is a good problem to have!  We styled 2 weddings over the Easter long weekend – one which had been in the planning for close to a year and the other which was pulled together in just over 3 weeks!  My advice for anyone out there who is thinking about planning a wedding in 3 weeks is – try to avoid it if at all possible!  It can be done but it’s a lot of hard work and stress on the part of everyone involved!  My poor couple were very sleep deprived when it came to their big day and although they did enjoy themselves in the end I’m sure they would have liked things to have been a bit more relaxed leading up to the day.

Both weddings were lovely in their own way, and the thing that struck me was that whether you plan a wedding in 3 weeks or a year, you can be assured that something will go wrong on the day.  I’m not talking about major things but just little things, like your friend who you’ve trusted with your ceremony music pressing play at the wrong time, or you forgetting your i-pod with that playlist you’ve put together for after the band leaves, or your 1 metre tall croquembouche starting to collapse during your speeches.  But what I’ve come to realise after watching so many people get married is that these little things don’t really matter in the end and, in fact, they often make the day more memorable and give you a story to tell.

I think the way you deal with things going wrong makes all the difference.  When the croquembouche started to collapse the bride and groom laughed (along with all of their guests!).  When the i-pod was forgotten the bride and groom, along with their bridal party, started thinking about artists they loved so they could put together a playlist while they were waiting to make their grand entrance at their reception.  Amongst the blur of their wedding day these are moments I know those couples will always remember.

So don’t get hung up on everything being perfect – you’re likely to be disappointed.  No matter how organised you are or how meticulously you’ve planned everything there are just some hiccups that can’t be avoided.  But sometimes it’s those little imperfections that actually make your day perfect.

Michele and Eric - bride setting

A shot from one of our Easter weddings.

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