featured wedding: pip & adam

When Pip first contacted me she was just a little bit stressed out.  And with good reason!  With 4 months to go until she married Adam, they had decided the wedding that they were planning wasn’t really the wedding that they wanted.  So they had scrapped the whole thing and decided to start over.

Pip and Adam knew what they wanted their wedding to be like, but needed a hand bringing it all together.  And I am so lucky that they chose me to help them!

Pip and Adam were such a lovely couple to work with.  They wanted their wedding to be laid back, fun and colourful with a garden party feel.  With this in mind we went for a casual brunch reception complete with picnic blankets and lawn games.  Beaumonde Catering helped to create a menu that was perfect for the occasion featuring fruit smoothies on arrival, a coffee cart, lots of yummy brunch food, and cups of ice cream to finish.  The wonderful Mrs F made lots of colourful bunting for us, using patterned fabrics that Pip and I had chosen, and relatives of the bride and groom made matching table runners.  Fox & Rabbit put together some gorgeous florals perfect for a garden party.

I’ll let Pip tell the rest…

Adam and I got engaged over onion bhajis at Gogos – ha so romantic. We were talking about a European holiday and Adam told me we had to start in Paris because it would be the perfect way to start a honeymoon. And that was it. We set a tentative date for October 2012 and carried on with dinner. We’re both pretty laid back people who don’t do grand gestures very well so we spend time on the small things to make each other happy.

I didn’t enjoy wedding planning. In fact I found it daunting and overwhelming. We’d originally decided on and started organising an afternoon church wedding with an evening sit down reception before I realised this wasn’t what I wanted. It seemed too formal, and I stressed about feeling self conscious all day.  In my head I saw sunshine and an old-fashioned picnic − family, friends and children all sprawled on a lawn.

So… four months out from the date I scrapped my original plan and decided to go with the vision in my head. Adam and I decided on a 10am church ceremony followed by a brunch picnic. I had the church already booked, and luckily I could change the time, but as for the reception, I had no idea what to do or where to go next.

I’m a firm believer that if you want something done well then you hire an expert, and that’s where Kristy came in. The ladies from Studio Bomba recommended her as a wedding planner and stylist, and from our first meeting, I was so impressed with Kristy’s professionalism and enthusiasm. She asked the right questions and created a comprehensive brief based on my requirements and style, which I was then able to read and confirm within a couple of days.

In two weeks I was checking out four venues from a proposal that Kristy had prepared, and she found the most perfect location in Mt Eliza House. A private federation house with sprawling lawn, in KingsPark, it ticked every box. Adam and I were blown away. For our many interstate and international guests it was the best introduction to Perth.

Kristy has a list of fantastic contacts. Our suppliers all contributed so much to our day and they were a dream to work with. We used:

  •           Beaumonde Catering for our delicious cocktail style brunch
  •           Fox and Rabbit for bouquets, boutonnierres and reception flowers
  •           Mrs F custom bunting for 70m of decorative bunting

I did not have to spend hours trawling the internet or setting up preliminary meetings. I trusted Kristy’s judgement and she was spot on every time.

Kristy also has an amazing eye for detail. When you’re going for a simple brunch picnic it’s the little things that count. Kristy had ideas I would never have thought of to pull everything together and create the atmosphere I wanted, which was relaxed but with hints of old-fashioned fair ground/garden party.

On Kristy’s suggestion, we used:

  •           a coffee cart and spotted wooden spoons
  •           orange stripey straws in the welcome berry smoothie,
  •           yellow stripey cake bags,
  •           jars of flowers
  •           table runners in gorgeous old fashioned florals
  •           picnic rugs and old fashioned lawn games.

All small things that aren’t expensive but that add something to the day. And, even better, become mementos you can keep.

The custom bunting was responsible for my one bridezilla moment but it’s now a treasured possession – all 70m of it. Kristy’s idea was that we’d match floral fabrics for table runners and bunting. Both looked fabulous on the day.

I now have a table runner covering a corner table in my study that also has my wedding albums and an antique soda siphon bought on my honeymoon. Two of my closest friends had baby girls around my wedding day and some of my bunting now decorates their nurseries.

I completely agree when people say their wedding is one of the best days of their life. And I have Kristy to thank for much of that. The planning was such a smooth and stress-free process (everything delivered on time and on budget) that I approached the day with few nerves and a sense of calm.

On the day, Kristy set up my reception and coordinated with my suppliers. She and Steve (our function manager from Beaumonde) kept everything flowing beautifully. I didn’t have to think about a thing and I can’t tell you enough how much I valued that peace of mind. Adam and I were able to relax with our friends and family and just enjoy the day.

We kicked on that evening at an after party at Deville’s Pad. Adam loves his soul music so we put on platters and a bar tab and then danced the night away. The day was a brilliant reflection of both our personalities and the things we love to do.

I guess that is my advice to all brides to be. Have a wedding day that suits you and the things you love. It’s so much more fun that way. And then you should hire Kristy to make the ideas come alive. The best decision I made, other than marrying my husband, was to hire Kristy as my wedding planner.

Adam and I had such a fantastic day. We also had a wonderful honeymoon, and we started in Paris.

Thanks Pip and Adam for allowing me to be a part of your day – it was so much fun!

(Please excuse the dodgy photos below which were taken by me!)

IMG_0357IMG_0299 IMG_0301 IMG_0329IMG_0311 IMG_0315IMG_0312 IMG_0326IMG_0345IMG_0353IMG_0382IMG_0384



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