samm blake – one of the world’s best!

Not everyone gets to say that they have had their wedding photographed by one of the world’s best, but that is exactly what many WA couples will now be able to boast (ourselves included!) with the naming of Samm Blake as one of THE WORLD’S Top 10 wedding photographers for 2013!
Amercian Photo Magazine is responsible for publishing the list each year and although I am no photographer I know that it is a huge thing to get your name on that very exclusive little list!

I am so happy for Samm and everything that she has achieved over her career, particularly over the past few years which have seen her travel the world and produce lots of amazing work, including lots of things other than weddings.  Samm is not only one of the most talented people I’ve ever met but also one of the sweetest.  She made our wedding day so very special and gave us the most beautiful, heartfelt images to remember our day by.  The things I feel each time I look at our wedding photos can’t be described – it is the emotion that only a true artist can capture.

Samm has also been so supportive of Flights of Fancy – the gorgeous images you may have seen on our postcards and many of those featured on this blog and our Facebook page are hers and she’s been so generous in allowing us to use them.  We adore your work Samm and are happy the whole world is getting to know and experience what we have already been so lucky to!

Here are just a few favourite images from our wedding captured by Samm.

Samm Blake 12

Samm Blake 5

DanceAll images by Samm Blake


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