my best friend’s wedding {the search begins}

Yesterday I got to do something very special – I got to see my best friend try on wedding dresses.

I have a couple of amazing friends who I have been friends with since we were in high school together, and she is one of them.  There is nothing quite like having friends who you have been through school with.  You know their families, their childhood pets, their first loves, and what their dreams were at a time when you were all much more naive.  You have grown up with them and you have both changed but not so much that you have grown apart.  It’s a special thing being friends with someone for that long.

So I knew that seeing one of my childhood friends getting married was going to be a special experience, involving lots of emotional moments.  The first of those was a phone call last year telling me she had become engaged and asking me to be her bridesmaid.  The second was yesterday when I saw her in a dress that was almost exactly the dress I’d always imagined her wearing and looked as if it had been made just for her.  She looked so beautiful, confident and happy.  It was her first day of dress shopping and there are many more dresses to be tried on so of course she may not decide on this particular dress in the end, but seeing her in something that was so perfect for her made it all real – she really looked like a bride!

I am so looking forward to this year which I know is going to be filled with lots of fun and probably a lots of tears too!  (Happy ones of course!)

Me Claire and Ilka

Me with my two childhood friends – we shared many laughs in French class!

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