smelling the roses

Any business owner knows how draining running a business can be.  I am only fairly new to the game but I am already quickly falling into the habit of working all hours and never really shutting off.  Of course, the fact that I am still working a “regular” job doesn’t make it any easier and this is something that most business owners I talk to have had to deal with at some stage.

Despite the craziness of it all I am really loving what I am doing and wouldn’t change anything, but I do feel that I am in need of a holiday at the moment.  My husband and I are travelling to Tasmania in a couple of weeks to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and I really can’t wait.  The past year has flown by, more so than any other year of my life.  I know that in future years as the business grows it may be harder for us to get away at this time of the year, right in the middle of wedding season, so I will definitely cherish this trip!

Tasmania is somewhere we’ve both wanted to visit for a long time but never have.  It looks so pretty and picturesque – just try typing “Tasmania” into Google images and you will see what I mean!  I can’t wait to see some of that amazing scenery in person.

It also happens that as I prepare for our trip my favourite author, Marian Keyes, has finally released her new novel which I managed to buy yesterday.  Having a job where I spend most days reading fairly dry material (ie contracts!) I love getting lost in Marian’s books – they are always so funny and touching at the same time.  I own all of her novels and have read most of them more than once so I was really looking forward to the new release.  Despite being absolutely desperate to read it I am going to restrain myself and save it for the trip.  I am really looking forward to sitting out in the sunshine (hopefully!) reading my book, perhaps with a little glass of red – just taking some time to smell the roses!

Image by Trina Baker



  1. Oh, Tasmania is beautiful. You will have a fabulous time. I’m finding the time to curl up with some favourite books in Italy and loving it!

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