have you met… {teneil kable}

It’s a big decision, choosing your wedding photographer, and it’s not easy when there are so many out there!  You want someone who is going to make you feel comfortable, capture all the emotion of your big day, produce beautiful images and be professional in their approach.

To help Australian brides and grooms with their choice, every now and then we will be featuring Q&As with wedding photographers.  Many will be based in Perth but we will also feature some great photographers from other states.  Get to know a bit about them, see some of their work, then get in touch and meet them in person.

Our first featured photographer is the gorgeous Teneil Kable, one of my favourite Perth wedding photographers.  What I love about Teneil’s work is the incredible emotion that she manages to capture and the way she incorporates the couple’s surroundings into the images.  Besides being amazingly talented Teneil is one of those people that just makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable as soon as you meet her, something which I think is really important when choosing someone to photograph the private moments you will be sharing on your special day.  If you like what you see here you can check out more of Teneil’s work on her website.

Q&A with Teneil Kable

How did you get into photography and, in particular, wedding photography?

I went into wedding photography by chance, i was working in the corporate world and one of our clients was franchising their studios, impressed by my attitude and knowing how much i wanted to learn more about photography he offered me the opportunity to work in exchange for knowledge.

I was offered a paid position some 12months afterwards running one of the local studios but declined knowing i was looking for something more. I stayed in the wedding industry and went on to shoot for Samm Blake for almost three years before finding myself in the fashion industry working alongside International artist Justin Edward John Smith.

Although there are elements of fashion within each wedding, wedding photography is capturing real life and i found myself drawn back to where my personality felt most comfortable. It’s the best feeling being part of a day that offers such raw and honest emotion.

When did you start your own business?

My business started in 2010

What qualifications do you hold?

A Diploma in Photography

After becoming qualified what are some of the jobs you worked in before starting your own business?

I did things a little backwards, i actually worked in the industry for several years before i went on to study. My experience in the industry was a lot of fun for me, initially having a full-time job and working weekends as a photographer would seem crazy to some but i enjoyed the opportunity.

I realised very quickly when i left my full-time job that the photography industry was a competitive environment and photographers held things close to their chests. My passionate self was thirsty for knowledge, so instead of prying in other peoples business i took myself off to learn more and started my full-time studies.

Looking back i never wanted to start my own business, i just knew i wanted to be a photographer and it was really the industry that guided my decision.

In my final year of study, i was contacted and asked to return to the corporate world. Having a mortgage meant i didn’t have the luxury of being part of third years student exhibition, which is something i really wanted to do.

With a qualification and over 4 years worth of experience i decided to start booking weddings and began working under my own name.

How do you try to capture the essence of a couple when you are shooting them?

If you go to a wedding or engagement session with pre-conceived ideas then you will miss the very moments and connections that are unfolding naturally.

Often couples feel uncomfortable in front of a camera because they think they have to do something that is un-natural to them or they too have pre-conceived ideas.

Its when those ideas are left behind that the essence of a couple can be captured.

You see a lot of weddings – do you have any general tips for brides/grooms whether to do with photography or not?

Weddings are full of emotion, if you’re having fun or embracing a quiet moment it will all show in the photographs… Be you!

Images by Teneil Kable



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