kiss the bride online magazine

If you haven’t yet checked out the wedding goodness that is Kiss the Bride Magazine you are missing out!  Loads of pretty pictures together with the beautiful stories behind them as well as links to recordings of each couple’s first dance song and photographer website – and being an online magazine they aren’t restricted by a certain number of pages so can fit in lots of images of each wedding which gives you a real feel for each one.

I am thrilled that Flights of Fancy by Kristy features in the latest edition with a wedding close to my heart – my own!!

I have to admit that, being the perfectionist I am, I’ve always looked back at our wedding with some regrets – often thinking about little things that didn’t quite go to plan or things that I could have done better or would have changed.  I really am my own worst critic, not only when it comes to weddings but just in general!

However, looking at these images today and reading our story whilst listening to our first dance song actually made me realise what a truly amazing day it was and how I should take some of the advice that I always give my brides and grooms which is that not everything will always go perfectly to plan (there are certain things you will never have control of, such as the weather or what other people do) but most of the time no one but you will even know it and it will still be the most perfect day of your lives.

I am sure you will enjoy looking through all these beautiful images of wedding celebrations – each so different but so lovely in its own way – and reading the love stories behind them as much as I did.


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