the engagement session

These days it is common for couples to book an engagement session with their wedding photographer – in fact, many wedding packages include an engagement shoot in the cost.

Having an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer is definitely something that I recommend.  For my husband and I, our engagement shoot was invaluable in several ways.

Firstly, it gave us the chance to get to know our photographer (the amazing Samm Blake) better.  My husband and I are both quite shy and had some apprehensions about being the centre of attention on our big day.  After our engagement session with Samm we felt so much more at ease.  Her style was so relaxed and unobtrusive that we knew that she was going to be able to capture our day without making us feel that we were having photos snapped of us all day.  She actually ended up being a bit of a calming influence on me on the wedding day and I think it was because I had spent that time with her previously.

Secondly, we got to see Samm’s work.  Of course we had seen lots of photographs she had taken of other couples before choosing her to shoot our wedding, but seeing the photos she had captured of us just gave us that extra assurance that we had chosen the right person.

Finally, we were able to have some beautiful photographs taken in a location that meant something to us.   As weren’t able to get married there, having these engagement pictures at one of our favourite beaches in Dunsborough meant a lot to us.   It was also a more relaxed session than our wedding day session as we didn’t have to worry about time restraints or other people being around – we had a beautiful beach all to ourselves.  We loved the shots so much that we ended up using these photos to make our Save the Date cards and our gift registry information cards.  Many couples also end up having a guest book made up for their wedding using their engagement session photos.

I would recommend having your engagement shoot as soon as possible after you’ve chosen your wedding photographer so that, in the event your experience is not as delightful as ours, you have other options.  If you are at all unsure about your choice in photographer I also recommend that you check the contract before booking them to see what their cancellation policy is.  If you won’t be able to cancel once you have signed the contract then consider hiring them to do an engagement shoot first before deciding whether you want to commission them to shoot your wedding as well.

Here are just a few shots from our Beloved session with Samm Blake.

 Images by Samm Blake


  1. Gorgeous pics Kristy and very sound advice too! A friend of my Mother’s had been a wedding photographer before he retired and he offered to take our wedding photos for free. We thought it was an offer to good to refuse but I wish we’d asked to see some previous work. All of our photos were either a little out of focus or very far away. I have no nice close ups of either my husband or myself (after not eating any chocolate or chips for 6 months prior to the wedding my skin was amazing and damn it I wanted pictoral proof!)

  2. I have 2 words for you Maria…. anniversary shoot!!! 🙂 It won’t be quite the same as having photos of your wedding day but it will still be special! Do you think you can give up the chocolate and chips again haha?

    • Kristy, that is a really great idea! Maybe for our 10th anniversary – only a year and a half away! You know the photo of us cutting our wedding cake on my blog, well, a friend actually took that for us. Thank god! haha, yes at the time it was really tough watching what I ate but when I had my first child I couldn’t stomach chocolate throughout the whole pregnancy.Still now I can only eat it sparingly! 🙂

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