a very special day

This weekend I helped to style and coordinate a wedding that meant a lot to me.  It was the wedding of gorgeous Shelley, who is not only a client but also a friend, to the love of her life, Garth.

Shelley and I have had such fun planning the decorations for this wedding.  Of course Garth’s opinion has been sought as required, but let’s face it, the guys rarely get as carried away with the decorations as the girls do!  On Saturday afternoon as the candles were lit in the ceremony room I couldn’t believe that everything that Shelley and I had been excitedly discussing and planning for months had finally come to fruition and looked just as we had envisaged it.  And when Garth saw the room and seemed genuinely happy with it that made me even more elated, as I am sure he had been having trouble picturing how this plain room was going to be turned into an appropriately atmospheric venue for the lifelong commitment they were about to make!

Catching up with the newlyweds just before they made their way in to the reception and seeing how overjoyed and excited they were made me think back to my own wedding day and relive those same feelings.  As a stylist and planner I spend a lot of time on the pretty little details and do think they are important but always remind my clients that, although it is lovely to have a beautifully styled wedding where all your guests have fun, in the end it’s the vows you make on that day that are the most important thing. 

That evening, as my husband helped me to tear down the ceiling decorations that had taken me hours to hang and re-stack all the chairs that had taken me forever to arrange just perfectly, I thought about how lucky I am to have someone who I can always rely on and who always supports me in everything I do. 

Shelley and Garth, I hope that you always find that same support in one another and that your joy and fulfilment lasts long after your wedding decorations have been torn down 🙂 

Stay tuned for images from Shelley and Garth’s day coming soon!


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