a lazy sunday morning

My husband and I normally spend Sunday mornings sleeping in before wandering down to one of our favourite cafes and enjoying a relaxed brekky, drinking lots of coffee and reading the paper.  We might then have a browse through the local record store or bookstore.  It rarely gets more exciting or energetic than that.

Yesterday was not a typical Sunday for us.  We ditched our usual laid back routine to go out to a paddock, dressed in white,  and throw holi powder at each other while the wonderfully talented Carly Williams of CJ Williams Photography captured it all.

Anyone who knows me will know that getting dirty is not normally my style but I’m glad I made an exception.  Yes, it was as fun as it looks and after 2 washes my dress is as good as new 🙂

If you are thinking about a shoot to celebrate your engagement, anniversary, or just for some fun, definitely get in touch with Carly.  She has some great ideas and will work with you to come up with something that is fun and memorable (and you don’t have to throw holi powder at each other if you don’t want to, but I do recommend it!).

Images by CJ Williams Photography



  1. That is so wonderfully awesome…. Very proud of you for getting so dirty! Such a fab idea too I want to have a go!!!! 🙂

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