something {mimco} blue

Most brides go for quite traditional jewellery on their wedding day – diamonds and other precious stones, pearls, simple silver or gold.  But how about mixing it up a bit and wearing some blue statement jewellery as your “something blue”?

Mimco has some really cute, fun pieces at the moment, many of which would be perfect for a more modern dress but some of which would also work with a more traditional style gown.  And best of all they are affordable and can easily be worn again afterwards!  (Maybe you will just have to treat yourself to a Mimco handbag to match!)

Top row left to right: Crystal Dome Stud in “Petrol”; Solar Beaded Wrist in “Quantum blue pearl”; Jewel Stud in “Petrol”; Bottom row left to right: Beaded Wrist in “Quantum blue”; Claw Jewel Stud in “Petrol”; Interstellar Drop Ear in “Gunmetal”, all available from Mimco.


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