bunny lovelies!

I love rabbits.  I think it all started with my very first pet (not counting my fish – in my view a pet is only a pet if it’s furry and can be cuddled), a light brown and white rabbit which I very imaginatively named Cottontail.  Or maybe it started before that when I fell in love with Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit who was always running late for a very important date.

However it started, I’ve always been very fond of the creatures and although I don’t really celebrate Easter I do look forward to all the gorgeous rabbit-y things that come out around this time of year!  In my opinion rabbits aren’t just for Easter though – here are just a few finds that would be lovely all year round!

Top row left to right: Amazon Kindle cover from Joe V Leather; Origami bunny rabbit brooch from Kimono Reincarnate; Vintage plate with rabbit illustrations from The Storybook Rabbit; Sterling silver hare/rabbit necklace from Silver Workshop; Middle row left to right: Sterling silver rabbit with diamond eyes from Xidni; Jumping bunny rabbit Sir Hopsalot from Forest Blue; Rabbit bunny shirt from Sin Clothing; Rabbit tie tack from Purseonal Style; Bottom row left to right: Rabbit brass cufflinks from Cosmic Firefly; Printable rabbit garland kit from Hello Clementine; Leaping rabbits mobile from Artisanie Europe.


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