perth rooftop movies

When I heard that Amélie was being shown as part of the Fringe Festival’s Rooftop Movies I was excited!  Being as in love as I am with all things French, I don’t know quite how I managed to avoid seeing Amélie for more than 10 years (it was released in 2001) but somehow I just never got around to it…  And now I am actually glad that I didn’t because I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to see the movie for the first time than the way we saw it last night.

The Rooftop Movies have been set up on the rooftop (not surprisingly!) of the car park on Roe Street in Northbridge.  On stepping out onto the rooftop we were amazed at what we saw – a green lawn stretching out all the way across the rooftop surface, hundreds of deck chairs set up in front of a screen with the city skyline as a backdrop, vintage caravans set up to serve popcorn, lollies and drinks, strings of old industrial looking lights and lots of palm trees and pink flamingos.  In keeping with the French theme last night there was an accordion player performing from a stage constructed out of a caravan with the side cut out.

We had pre-ordered a pizza (all done very easily online when purchasing our tickets) as well as bringing some of our own snacks, so after reserving our seats for the movie we collected out pizza and sat on the lawn near the stage to enjoy our dinner with some red wine and cider.  I feel sort of bad for saying this because I seem to be saying it a lot lately and the fact that I have been saying it a lot probably means that I should stop thinking this way, but I couldn’t believe something so quirky and cool was happening in Perth!  Sitting there on the rooftop, enjoying the warm evening and French music, I actually wouldn’t have believed that we were in Perth were it not for the city skyline.

It’s so great to see things like this happening in our city – I just hope that everyone supports it so that it comes back next year.  Not only was it an amazing set up but it was also really well organised.  When you purchase your tickets you are given the option to also pay for parking in which case you just enter the car park as normal and get your ticket validated on the rooftop which makes it nice and convenient.  As I mentioned earlier, you can also pre-order a pizza online which is delivered to the rooftop at 6.30pm.  The skipper for the night is given a special wristband which entitles them to a free soft drink and popcorn.  Everything was really easy and convenient.  And because I had purchased tickets to another Fringe Festival event earlier in the season I received a 2 for 1 discount which meant that it cost us $9 each in total for a ticket and parking – much cheaper than a normal movie ticket!

The movie, for those who haven’t seen it, was so funny and sweet and I’m so glad that I finally saw it.  It was made even better by the surroundings and the perfect summer (in autumn!) night.

There are lots of movies still to come but tickets are selling fast so make sure you get in soon.  You can view the program and other information here.


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