leederville camera markets 2012

Last weekend was the first of the 2012 Photo Markets at the Leederville Town Hall.

It was $15 for sellers to set up a table and $4 for buyers to gain entry.  There were loads of people and table after table of cameras and accessories, ranging from 30s and 40s vintage cameras to retro 60s, 70s and 80s varieties and even a few new digital cameras.

Although I am incredibly appreciative of beautiful photography, I admit that I know nothing about cameras as all I’ve ever used is the point and shoot variety.  But I do love the look of old cameras so I quite enjoyed poking around the market.

I especially enjoyed watching my husband’s excitement as he picked up camera after camera, marvelling at the mechanics of each one.  I think if he could have he would have come home with a box full of them.  Luckily I was there to ask, “Do you really need that?” (in much the same way he does when I am shopping for shoes) so he only came home with two – a really cool looking old Kodak Brownie and slightly more modern Super Paxette, complete with retro brown leather case!

When we eventually have room we are going to start a camera collection (along with our planned typewriter, vintage crockery and letterpress block collections!!) so these are the first two pieces.

If you love old cameras too there are two more markets planned for this year, one on 22nd July and the other on 28th October, both at the Leederville town hall on Cambridge Street.


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