lemonade on australia day

It is certainly very warm today, even for someone who loves summer – and this is only the start with the temperature in Perth set to hover around 40 degrees celsius for the next few days…

Walking through the mall at lunchtime I saw a very cool retro looking ceramic drink dispenser on sale.  I love drink dispensers – they are great for parties – but had never seen one quite like this.  I very nearly bought it just because it was so damn cute!  It was similar to the one pictured here but, as if that isn’t cute enough, it was pastel PINK! 

I’m thinking I might have to try and whip up some homemade lemonade or iced tea for Australia Day…  Due to the heat we have forgone our plans to enjoy a day in the local park and instead will be hanging out in our air-conditioned house,  enjoying some very cold drinks and listening to the Triple J’s Hottest 100. 

No matter where I have been on Australia Day I’ve always listened to the Hottest 100, even before I was a dedicated Triple J listener.  To me it really is the one must on Australia Day!

What have you got planned for Australia Day this year?  Has the heat changed your plans or are you going to brave it???

For all my fellow Perth residents, here’s a little picture for you to enjoy this week.  Hope it makes you feel a little bit cooler!

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