bridesmaid gift idea: handmade clutches

Clutches are a great gift to give your bridesmaids – practical as well as pretty, and if you buy the right ones they can be used by your maids long after your wedding.

Many designers I came across on Etsy offer a choice of prints, fabrics, frames and embellishments so you can make your clutches truly unique.  Several of them will also sew a personalised message from you to your bridesmaid into the lining.  Not only a great bridesmaid gift, but a great gift for a friend’s birthday too!

I wanted to buy my bridesmaids clutches that were a bit quirky but that I thought they would be able to use again.  I ended up choosing linen screenprinted clutches by J Carter Handmade, featuring images of different animals.  I was able to choose an image that I thought suited each of the girls and for the lining I had a choice of hundreds of fabrics!

My own clutch matched the girls’ and featured a rabbit wearing a crown – very cute and quite French I thought!

If you are after something a little more traditional why not go with these gorgeous clutches from Eclu which can be customized in a variety of colors and styles.  Eclu also offers matching flowers, sashes and shoe clips so your bridesmaids can be totally coordinated!

These lovely, fresh looking clutches by Wild Peace Organics would be amazing for a casual rustic farm or barn wedding.

Or for a more sophisticated and glamorous event how about something with a bit of bling like one of these from Julia Sherry Designs?

You could match your own clutch with those of your bridesmaids, maybe in a contrasting or complementary colour, or with something a little special added to distinguish yours like a brooch, bow or flower.  Or you could opt for a completely different style like a one-of-a-kind vintage piece.

Clockwise from top left: Lemon Sorbet Fifi medium clutch by Bagtelles and Co, Vintage Beaded Cocktail Clutch Purse from My Closet Affair, Vintage Whiting and Davis Silver Mesh Purse from Ferdinand Home , Oatmeal Lace Signature Bloom clutch

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