all wrapped up!


I am a gift-wrapping tragic.  If I had a spare room I would turn it into a gift-wrapping room with rolls of beautiful paper, colourful ribbon and an endless selection of gift cards (if this all sounds familiar it may be because I share this ambition with Will from Will & Grace).

Every year, as Christmas approaches, I start thinking about my “wrapping theme” (yes, I told you I was a tragic!).  I like to try and do something different each year and I prefer to steer away from the traditional.

This year I was VERY excited to discover this amazing website  They have so many beautiful paper designs and gorgeous ribbons, tags and belli bands to match (no more having to cut my own).  And best of all they are based in Australia and offer express post so no waiting weeks on end for the products to arrive from overseas.

I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my package so that the wrapping can begin!  Now that I have found this site I am thinking my gift-wrapping room could become a reality sometime in the not too distant future!


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