bride + backyard + bushland = beautiful

This past weekend we styled a beautiful backyard wedding in Mount Helena.  The hills area of Perth holds a special place in my heart as I went to school in Glen Forrest and many of my friends lived in the area.  It was funny driving down all the roads I used to drive down when I first got my licence and remembering all the things I used to get up to with my friends (nothing too extreme, I was always a goody two shoes).

Anyway, Lauren and Aidan’s “backyard” was essentially a forest!  Five acres of beautiful bushland.  They wanted to keep it relaxed and simple, and most importantly they wanted there to be plenty of seating for their guests’ comfort (I just love a considerate bride and groom, don’t you!).  We used wooden benches and wicker lounges combined with wine barrel bar tables (all from Hire Society) and vintage feature pieces from Pretty Willow.  The florals by Signature Floral Design were perfect for the rustic setting.  And the lighting by Micktric Events just finished it all off.  People don’t tend to give it a lot of thought but lighting is so important in creating atmosphere, especially for a backyard or outdoor wedding.  Michael selected a few tall trees around the property to uplight as well as using fairylights underneath the verandahs and festoon lights inside the marquee and it looked absolutely spectacular once the sun went down.

We must also give a special shout out to the newest member of our team, Sophie, who styled the ceremony at Kalamunda History Village.  Sophie comes to us with a background in hospitality, events and childcare – and she grew up on a farm so we know she isn’t afraid of hard work!  She will be giving us a hand on some of our larger weddings and we are delighted to have her on board.  We will make sure we get a photo of her next time we’re at a set up so we can introduce her properly!

Here is a little sneak peek of Lauren and Aidan’s big day.  We are looking forward to seeing the professional images shot by Carley for Anna Rose.


one down, many more to go!

We styled our first wedding of the season on Saturday and were thanking our lucky stars that we had such a perfect day.  Not only was the weather beautiful but we had such a relaxed and enjoyable set up.  I even had time to snap some photos which I don’t normally get to do!

Honestly, the thing that made all the difference with this wedding was that our clients were super relaxed – possibly the most laid back clients we’ve ever had!  They completely put their trust in us, from going with the vendors we recommended, to giving us creative control once we had discussed in general what they were after in terms of styling.  This allowed us to put together something quite unique and use the people we knew were going to be best for the job.  Everything ran so smoothly and it was just one of those days that makes me realise how much I love doing this.

Brides (and grooms, but mostly brides!), this is why it’s important to (a) select vendors you trust to deliver what you are after, and (b) to try and let go just a little bit (as hard as I know it can be – you are talking to a fellow control freak here!).  You are paying your vendors to use their creativity and expertise, so trust them to do it.  Weddings where the couple can’t let go and try to micromanage all their vendors never turn out quite as well as those where the couple relax a bit and put some faith in their the people they have chosen.

This wedding was also really touching, celebrating a couple who are very clearly in love and meant for each other.  I was privileged to see some of the ceremony and speeches which I don’t always get to do, and I admit I shed a little tear!

Now it’s back to planning for our next October wedding and a few November events, with a little 2 week escape thrown in.  If Franky and Stephen’s big day was a sign of things to come this wedding season then we are pretty darn excited!

We can’t wait to see the professional images of the day but in the meantime here is a snap of the set up for the cocktail style reception featuring the dessert buffet of my dreams with desserts by My Wey of Life, amazing lighting by Micktric Events, show-stealing florals by Katie Cooper and prop hire by Her Handpicked Harvest and Flights of Fancy by Kristy.


When should I book a wedding stylist?

I have been receiving a crazy amount of new enquiries over the last couple of weeks.  I don’t know whether it’s the fact that the weather is warming up and people are starting to think weddings, or whether people are realising we are in the later part of 2014 and it’s going to be 2015 soon, but they have been flooding in!  Unfortunately I’ve had to turn lots of people away – for some reason there are always two or three dates every season that everyone seems to want!

You can book a wedding stylist at any stage in your planning of course, and many don’t realise they need one until closer to the wedding date.  However, if you have any inkling at all that you might want to hire a stylist I would urge you to start looking into it as soon as possible, even if your wedding is not for another year.  Even if you just get in touch with them and have a chat about what they can do for you.

Many of us work on our own so we do book up quite quickly.  Also, it’s much easier for us to get involved as early as possible so we can help you get all the big ticket items locked away and then leave some of the smaller details until a bit closer to the date.

Remember that hiring a stylist a few months before your wedding when you haven’t booked in your main vendors will definitely relieve some of the pressure, but it won’t change the fact that many of your preferred suppliers will be unavailable.  Also, although we obviously prioritise your wedding the closer it gets you do need to keep in mind that we do have other clients and commitments and unfortunately can’t be working on your wedding 24/7 like you might be!

In short, the earlier you book us in the more time we’ll have to work with you to create the wedding you are dreaming of.  So please, please, please, get in early – your stylist (and other vendors) will love you for it!


Image by Teneil Kable

wedding season 2014/2015 begins!

Well I can hardly believe that the wedding season is here again!  It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were breathing a sigh of relief with the last season coming to an end.

We will be kicking off next weekend with a gorgeous vintage/industrial themed wedding by the river – please cross your fingers for perfect weather!!

Other things on the cards for this season include two Bluewater Grill weddings, one with a classic rustic theme and the other a vintage carnival theme, a country wedding in beautiful Dwellingup, an elegant 40th anniversary celebration at Sandalford Winery, an industrial warehouse reception and several beautiful backyard affairs.  Yes it’s going to be another gorgeous season and we can’t wait!


Image by Nectarine Photography

first comes love 2014

This Sunday we’ll be at the Oxford Hotel in Leederville for the First Comes Love Bridal Fair 2014.

First Comes Love was kind of where it all started for Flights of Fancy a few years ago – it was the first bridal fair at which we exhibited and it was the incredible response we received at the fair that really kick-started our business.  We always love the clients we end up booking through this fair – they are so fun and creative!

If you are a bride or groom looking for vendors who offer quality, personalised attention and creativity then First Comes Love is the fair for you.  Even if you aren’t planning a wedding it’s worth coming along to have a look as all the exhibitors always makes such an effort and, well, who doesn’t enjoy looking at pretty things??  It will run from 12 noon til 5pm upstairs at the Oxford.  You can find out more here.

We will be inside the main hall with our set up which will include some gorgeous work by Hello Love and Bohemian Bloom Designs.  Also make sure you pop out onto the balcony to say hi to the lovely Carly from CJ Williams Photography whose stall we will be helping to style.  We look forward to meeting you!


featured wedding: violet & jason

Violet and Jason are such a sweet couple.  I knew from the start that their wedding was going to be what a wedding should be – all about them.  AND the dress.  I’d heard lots about this dress, and had even seen a rough photo taken on someone’s phone, but I didn’t get the full impact of it until I saw Violet get out of the car on the day of the wedding.  Designed by Jaime Lee Major, it was AMAZING.

Violet had a very clear vision of what she wanted and we worked with her to bring that vision to life.  She was the perfect client and made my job easy, preparing her own floor plan and own inspiration board!  I loved working with these two and am so glad they chose Still Love to capture their special day as I think you will agree they have done such a wonderful job.

Violet-Jason-14 Violet-Jason-15 Violet-Jason-16 Violet-Jason-21 Violet-Jason-29 Violet-Jason-31 Violet-Jason-32 Violet-Jason-39 Violet-Jason-41 Violet-Jason-42 Violet-Jason-43 Violet-Jason-44 Violet-Jason-45 Violet-Jason-46 Violet-Jason-47 Violet-Jason-48 Violet-Jason-49 Violet-Jason-50 Violet-Jason-51 Violet-Jason-57 Violet-Jason-59 Violet-Jason-60 Violet-Jason-68 Violet-Jason-71 Violet-Jason-81 Violet-Jason-82 Violet-Jason-83 Violet-Jason-84 Violet-Jason-95 Violet-Jason-98 Violet-Jason-99 Violet-Jason-103 Violet-Jason-107 Violet-Jason-123 Violet-Jason-124Violet-Jason-134Violet-Jason-138Violet-Jason-145Violet-Jason-146Violet-Jason-154Violet-Jason-159Violet-Jason-169Violet-Jason-172Violet-Jason-173Violet-Jason-174Violet-Jason-176Violet-Jason-177Violet-Jason-178Violet-Jason-184Violet-Jason-186Violet-Jason-189Violet-Jason-193Violet-Jason-194Violet-Jason-195Violet-Jason-196Violet-Jason-197Violet-Jason-200Violet-Jason-206Violet-Jason-212Violet-Jason-218Violet-Jason-222Violet-Jason-223Violet-Jason-229Violet-Jason-232Violet-Jason-231

Images by Still Love Photography

Styling by Flights of Fancy by Kristy / Blooms by Flowertalk / Prop hire by Pretty WillowHire Society & Charming Chairs/ Dress by Jaime Lee Major 





could you be “the one”???

As much as I would love to (and often try to), I can’t do everything!  I have been realising this more and more lately and so I’ve made the decision to hire someone.  It’s a big step – up until now it’s just been me and my husband building the business and it’s always hard to let someone in, but we know if we find the right person it will be a really positive step for the business.

We are looking for a very special person – someone with creativity, an eye for design/styling, attention to detail, enthusiasm for the wedding/event industry and a positive attitude. Experience is not necessary, although if you have had hospitality or administrative experience this will be very useful. Most importantly we are after someone with an excellent work ethic. Events are not as glamorous as they might look, and we want someone who, like us, is happy to get their hands dirty to turn our clients’ flights of fancy to reality!

At this stage work will be intermittent – you may be required for anywhere between 2 – 4 weekends during the months of October to April, and on an ad hoc basis over the remaining months of the year for winter events, bridal fairs and styled shoots. There will be physical work involved, such as moving furniture and boxes, and event days can be very long and tiring. There may be some administrative work required from time to time such as preparing quotes, answering emails, liaising with vendors and meeting with clients. We are looking for someone who will take a genuine interest in the business and potentially take on a bigger role further down the track.

We are willing to consider anyone as long as they have the right attitude – whether you are a student, someone with a full time job looking to pursue a passion for events, or maybe a stay-at-home mum wanting some casual work, if this position excites you we want to hear from you! Even if you can’t be available all the time we’d still love to hear from you as we may consider taking on more than one person. Please send your CV and a covering letter setting out the reasons why you believe you are the right person for this position to by no later than 5pm on 12 September 2014 with the subject “Job application”. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Image by CJ Williams Photography